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03.01.09 ::

 We are very excited to announce the opening of Curtis Thermal Processing in Machesney Park, IL.

CTP has the ability to neutral harden approximately 250,000 pounds of fasteners and stampings per day


10.01.08 ::

 We Specialize in the Application of Magni Engineered Chrome-Free Coatings

Our highly automated facilities specialize in the bulk application of engineered coatings on fasteners and small components.


02.01.08 ::

 Newest Processing Capability

Curtis is pleased to announce our newest processing capability to provide Manganese Phosphate to meet various automotive and OEM standards such as GM4277M and PS8890.

11.01.07 ::

Technology and Plating improves turn times.

CMF upgrades Dip Spin Lines with the latest controls technology.

CMF offers unmatched turnaround times and production reporting capabilities thanks to barcode technology.



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11.15.10 ::

ZnCoat New Zinc Plating Replacement

Curtis is pleased to announce the launch of ZnCoat, a revolutionary new finish that offers effective solutions for the problems that have been encountered by users of zinc plating for fasteners and small parts. ZnCoat, a zinc-rich coating for ferrous metals, offers several major advantages for high strength fasteners when compared to electroplated zinc. The finish is entirely chromium-free (no hexavalent or trivalent chromium), and provides superior corrosion resistance in a single coat, without risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Most importantly, these features and more are available at no extra cost when compared to zinc plating, baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief. ZnCoat is applicable for industries such as agriculture, construction, appliance, recreation, marine, etc., providing these markets with a superior alternative to conventional zinc plated finishes that has never been available before.

Users of environmentally compliant zinc electroplating have been plagued by diminished corrosion protection. ZnCoat offers a solution to this problem. Environmentally friendly passivation agents and corrosion inhibitors are found throughout the film, so the coating is far less susceptible to early failure. Furthermore, the unique corrosion inhibitors found in ZnCoat allow for continuous release throughout the life of the coating.

ZnCoat provides sacrificial protection as the zinc corrodes to protect the steel substrate. The coating is further enhanced by a self-repairing mechanism. If a coated fastener is abraded during installation, zinc oxides and carbonates form at a controlled rate at the damaged area, sealing the breach in the coating, and thus restoring barrier protection. Compared to conventional zinc plating, ZnCoat consistently achieves over 240 hours of ASTM-B117 salt spray corrosion protection, as well as higher cyclical corrosion performance and excellent UV protection for outdoor applications.

ZnCoat is intrinsically free from the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. No baking for hydrogen relief is necessary, thus reducing a processing step for high hardness fasteners.

The coating offers a tight, consistent friction coefficient and can be waxed if even less friction is desired. ZnCoat is compatible with microencapsulated, anaerobic and nylon type thread adhesive and sealant patches. Because the dry film is thin (8-10 microns / 0.3 - 0.4 mils), no adjustments to thread tolerances are necessary.

"ZnCoat has a number of performance advantages for high strength fasteners in comparison to zinc trivalent plating, at no additional cost. The superior rheology of this coating allows for consistent, uniform application - a definite must for thin films," says Brian Lowry, Vice President - Technical Services at Curtis. "The finished product has an aesthetically pleasing, metallic silver appearance and it retains that appearance much longer than electroplated zinc."

Curtis provides the coating at both of our locations, Sterling Heights, Michigan, and Machesney Park, Illinois. For more information, please contact Brian Lowry or go to

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